If you have Norton installed, then yes. Any other antivirus software installed on the computer will disable Windows Defender. That is to avoid conflicts in between two antivirus softwares.

Norton 360 Premium offers all the same features as Norton 360 Standard and Deluxe, plus: 10 licenses (in total). 75 GB of storage (in total) with the Cloud Backup feature. Norton 360 Premium is the best plan if you have a large family. For example, if there are 2 parents and 3 kids in your household, each person could protect up to 2 devices. Norton 360 vs. Norton Internet Security: The Main Differences Norton 360 is much more than being a normal computer security software. Not only does it carry out PC tuneup tasks, but it can also take a backup of your important content on 2 GB cloud storage, or to iPods, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Norton™ 360 plans and features. Norton 360 plans include antivirus and malware protection, PC Cloud Backup ‡‡,4, Smart Firewall for PC, Password Manager, Secure VPN, PC SafeCam 5 and our 100% Virus Protection Promise. 2 Parental Control is also available in Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 Premium plans. Feb 12, 2020 · All Norton 360 programs include an impressive amount of extra security tools. These include a password manager, a personal firewall, webcam monitoring, and online backup storage. Norton 360 Premium, available at retail stores but not on the Norton website, expands the Deluxe antivirus and VPN coverage to up to 10 devices and 75GB of online storage. It lists at $115 per year. Norton 360 Premium provides comprehensive malware protection for up to 10 PCs, Mac, Android or iOS devices, plus Parental Control ‡ to help protect your kids online, Password Manager to store and manage your passwords and PC Cloud Backup 4. Norton 360 Premium also includes a VPN for 10 devices and SafeCam for PC.

Jan 27, 2020 · Norton 360 security suite offers parental controls, password manager, smart firewall capabilities, startup manager assistance, insights for your files and system, anti-phishing monitoring, and

Mar 02, 2019 · It seemed like this occurred while the bootup process was still going and so something else may not have booted up yet.-Uninstalled and reinstalled Norton 360. Still grayed out.-Ran a full system scan with Norton 360, Malwarebytes, and SuperAnti Spyware Free. Only threats found were tracking cookies.-Windows Defender Firewall is on. Jan 15, 2015 · This normally isn't possible with Windows 10. You have to take the chance that there will be serious issues and be prepared to deal with them. That is one of the reasons why Microsoft recommends the Windows 10 preview for advanced users only. Symantec does not advertise any of it's products as being compatible with Windows 10. Jun 03, 2020 · To activate Norton 360, you can use one of the following methods: Click onto the Sign In button. When logging in for the first time after purchase, or at any time from a device that does not have Norton Security installed, you may get prompted to select one of the two choices: Install on this device or Install on another device.

Apr 13, 2012 · Once you have installed the Norton 360 program and, along with it, the Norton 360 firewall, your computer will begin displaying a Norton 360 icon in your system tray. The system tray icon looks like a yellow square with a black circle inside of it, but will also display Norton 360 when you hover over it.

Jan 27, 2020 · Norton 360 security suite offers parental controls, password manager, smart firewall capabilities, startup manager assistance, insights for your files and system, anti-phishing monitoring, and Oct 16, 2019 · Norton 360 has a particularly aggressive set of firewall rules which activate as soon as installation is complete, which can lock down your PC’s network connections, depending on how you have it Jun 09, 2020 · Norton has five primary antivirus/identity theft protection packages that range in price from Norton 360 Standard ($39.99 for the first year and $79.99 thereafter) to Norton 360 with LifeLock Advanced internet security protection for your PC, Mac or mobile device, plus a VPN and PC SafeCam for online privacy, 10GB PC Cloud Backup, Password Manager and more. Norton Internet Security does offer something the latter doesn't have: a firewall. And not just any firewall; the reputation of Symantec's two-way firewall has always been excellent in the technology community. It protects your computer against hacker attacks and therefore provides added security for your data and identity, making it impossible