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All proxies are defined by a host name and a port number. The later is optional as, if it is not specified, a standard default port will be used. 2.1) HTTP. There are 3 properties you can set to specify the proxy that will be used by the http protocol handler: http.proxyHost: the host name of the proxy server

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As you can see, the trick is to create a local server responding to a particular port that will proxy the server by rewriting the right Host for each servers. Then, you can use this local servers in your upstream and finally use that upstream in the real proxy. share | improve this answer | follow | Host vs Server - Difference Definitions A basic client-server model. A host, or a network host, is either a piece of computer hardware or any device connected to a computer network.It is assigned a unique IP address and can serve as a source of information, services, and applications that can be accessed by other users’ machines, otherwise known as remote terminals. How to Configure a Proxy Server in Firefox Enter the address of the proxy server you want to use for normal, unencrypted HTTP browsing connections in the “HTTP Proxy” box. You’ll also need to enter the port the proxy server uses in the “Port” box. You’ll usually want to click the “Use the proxy server for all protocols” option. Firefox will also use your HTTP proxy