Allocate subnets that are large enough for your needs, but still small enough to not cause broadcast performance issues. I don't know how noisy Windows is on broadcast, these days, but it used to be that you didn't want more larger than about a /23 (~500 machines) in a single netblock.

Create a pool with specified public IP addresses - Azure These public IP addresses can change over the lifetime of the pool, which means that your network settings can become outdated if the IP addresses are not refreshed. You can create a list of static public IP addresses to use with the virtual machines in your pool. How To Fix All The Possible IP Address Errors? - Tricky Enough Jul 21, 2020

The 1,024 addresses in the /22 block can be used by APNIC members to supply NAT44 or NAT64 as a service on an IPv6 network. However at a new large ISP, 1,024 IPv4 addresses might not be enough to provide IPv4 connectivity to all the customers due to the limited number of …

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