Mar 12, 2020 · To win more auctions on eBay, these bidding tips and strategies will help you: research the items you want to bid on, don’t engage in low-ball bidding, don’t bid too high too early, use uncommon increments for bid amounts, check the bid history, and use “bid-sniping” wisely.

I make it my eBay ID. Post office doesn't care, you could be "Earl Chesterdale the Sith Emperor XVII" so as long as the addresses are valid. Nothing will stop buyers from seeing your real name on the PayPal notification email that accompanies an eBay purchase, though. I believe you need to upgrade to a business account to get a "company name" up. Auction-style listings on eBay will often have multiple competing bidders, and you can maximise your chances of winning by having a well thought out bidding strategy. Whether you're new to eBay or you're an experienced shopper, these tips can help increase your chances of placing the winning bid. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Once your account is set up, you can buy and sell, send messages to other eBay members, and leave feedback for buyers and sellers. Your eBay account | eBay 500838909660 67f127ec-8453-4664-8af6-5f869c37de06:1736b976116 19997 Jul 06, 2017 · How did you know I name my pussycat “Mr. Ebay”. That’s spooky. Mark . 3 years ago I have spoken to trading standards and law states a business even before it sells a product must clearly May 14, 2011 · To help keep the eBay community safe, enhance bidder privacy, and protect our members from fraudulent emails, eBay has changed how user IDs display on the bid history page. Only you and the seller of the item can view your user ID, all other members will see anonymous user IDs, such as x***y.

Feb 03, 2009 · There are several reasons for messaging another fellow bidder. You could be trying to coordinate your bids so you get a better price. You could offer them some money to back off of bidding. You could harass them for pushing the bid higher and higher. All of these things eBay does not want going on because it hurts business for them and the sellers.

right ? and if this is so why would a seller want to hide the other bidders ? i have my own ideas as to why what do you lot think? Do you mean hidden in the form of a***7, as example. This is set by Ebay. To bid on eBay, you don’t have to sit in on an auction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, manually upping your bid every time someone bids against you. You can make your high bid by proxy in an eBay auction. By proxy means that eBay’s automatic-bid feature stands in for you so that your bid rises incrementally in response to other bidders’ bids.

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@dancb963 wrote:. Ebay has made several changes lately, OP. The View Item link now only appears for transactions in which you were the seller. The title, item number, and "view item" links are all wiped off of the buyer's profile.