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Just a quick update. I upgraded a Windows 7 computer to Windows 10 and that managed to access the router settings page fine. So now I think it could be a program, setting, update, or something which I've done on my Windows 10 machines, but I can't really think what it could be right now :/. I wanted to check router settings because i remember at home in setting to limitet internet access only to 5 devises and when more electronic devices wanted to be connected to wi-fi my internet stop working, after when i change to more devises everything start working good again. Unfortuante at my office i can't even access setting to router. May 22, 2018 · If I enable Media Server on my Linksys router I can access the files through a html "Twonky" interface, but the whole USB drive used to appear under NETWORK as my network name, along with the other computer names on my network. I can't figure out why that has stopped only on my Win 10 desktop. Nov 23, 2011 · I can´t access remotely the router Thanks! The port that I'm using to get acces to the router is the 8080 (default), I have called to my ISP and I asked if they block any port or if they have any kind of firewall, but they said no, they don't block any port.

Mar 28, 2011

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Step 1: Connect your USB storage device into the USB port at the back panel of your Linksys router. NOTE: If your USB storage device requires an external power supply, ensure that it is powered ON. Step 2: Launch the Linksys Connect Software. NOTE: To launch Linksys Connect on a Windows® computer, go to Start > All Programs > Linksys Connect.. To launch Linksys Connect on a Mac® computer

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