2014-9-5 · IPSec简介: IPsec(Internet Protocol Security),是通过对IP协议(互联网协议)的分组进行加密和认证来保护IP协议的网络传输协议族(一些相互关联的协议的集合)。 IPsec由两大部分组成:(1)建立安全分组流的密钥交换协议;(2)保护分组流的协议。

IPsec VPN - Huawei Enterprise Support Community 2020-2-4 StrongSwan 搭建IPsec (IKEv1 and IKEv2) 实现不 … 使用strongswan搭建属于你自己的IPsec (IKEv1 & IKEv2) 在现实之中,VPN可以满足我们很多的需求,比如总公司和分公司之间,如果需要实现局域网之间通 IPsec VPN_百度百科

linux系统(CentOS6+,Debian7+,Ubuntu12+) …

In the ipsec sa policy command, the security gateway identifier is replaced by the target tunnel interface number. In the ipsec ike remote name command, the target tunnel interface number is appended to the name of the security gateway on the peer side.

使用strongswan搭建属于你自己的IPsec (IKEv1 & IKEv2) 在现实之中,VPN可以满足我们很多的需求,比如总公司和分公司之间,如果需要实现局域网之间通

IPSec Configuration Commands 2012-9-27 · This command associates the IPSec transform sets allowed for this tunnel. A maximum of four transforms can be specified. The transforms are listed in decreasing order of preference (the first one specified is the most preferred). StrongSwan based IPsec VPN using certificates and pre The ipsec.secrets file contains the shared secret at remote side. : PSK 'test12345' Start the strongswan daemon (charon) using the following command after you setup the config file son both sides. ipsec restart. The following command shows the status of the created VPN on the devices. ipsec statusall