1 day ago · Lavabit is the encrypted email leader. Get the best, by those who invented it.

Lavabit and alternative Silent Circle both suicidal after Lavabit and its popular alternative, Silent Circle, have both shut down their secure email services. Lavabit won't say why, but it sounds like it was prompted by a secret U.S. government order to Encrypted email isn't secure, but if you must use it, here Last week, FBI raids on Freedom Hosting and child porn distributors took down Tor Mail, a secure email provider for users of the Tor network. A few days later, secure email provider Lavabit, which Lavabit: Dark-Mail-Anbieter kehrt zurück

Aug 21, 2015 · 7. Lavabit – Lavabit’s basic account offers virus protection, 128MB of storage and up to 64MB in your outgoing message size. You can encrypt your files before sending them across the internet. Lavabit even offers antiviral protection. 8.

Lavabit’s shutdown in particular left a lot of users stunned and majorly inconvenienced to say the least, leading many to scramble for new alternatives. We’ve been spending the past day compiling and checking out some of the many suggestions floating around the web in the wake of the Lavabit news. Lavabit is a premier POP3 e-mail provider with free and premium accounts. We provide advanced features and fast reliable service for people who are serious about their e-mail. Tagged as: Lavabit , free , imap , pop , premier POP3 Aug 26, 2013 · Remember Kolab? Groklaw dropped its name as a secure alternative to now-shuttered Lavabit after announcing its own demise. The Swiss company is trying to capitalize on the fresh notoriety, and has

2017-1-23 · Lavabit founder Ladar Levison can finally confirm that Edward Snowden was the target of the 2013 investigation, which led to the shutdown of the Lavabit email service.

Aug 09, 2013 · Lavabit had promised that it would be an "e-mail service that never sacrifices privacy for profits" and "only release private information if legally compelled by the courts in accordance with the